Technical Support

SupportOur direct and customized support is one of our distinguishing features. As all technical areas at MEMBRAPOR – Research & Development, Sensor Production and Quality Control – are closely united beneath the same roof, we are always familiar with the diverse issues that spread across them. Thus, we are able to provide straightforward assistance on the whole product range.

We from the R&D team are pleased to address inquiries of all kind, answer your questions and offer help for the application.

Application Notes

The most common issues are treated in our application notes. Specifically, Application Note MEM1 contains many useful information on the usage of our electrochemical gas sensors and gives a short introduction into the field of gas detection.

MEM1: General Guidance Document
MEM2: Application Note Oxygen Sensors
MEM3: Background Gas Compatibility Oxygen Sensor
MEM4: Gas Diffusion
MEM6: Hydrogen-compensated 4-Electrode Sensors
MEM9: VOC-Sensor

If your issue is not covered by the above application notes, please send an email to us: support2

In the case of a warranty claim, please contact us by email first. Do not return any goods without our prior consent and instruction.

Support in CHINA

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    Domestic Hotline: 400-0755-200
    24-hours Service Hotline: [86] 186 88748588