MEMBRAPOR manufactures electrochemical gas sensors in various housings.

Compact Gas Sensors

Highest reliability and maximum performance in a compact housing. Suitable in most of all applications.


Miniature Gas Sensors

Applicable in portable gas detectors for personal safety.


Slim Gas Sensors

The robust sensors with mounting holes for industrial applications.


Standard Gas Sensors

Sensors with mounting holes and increased electrolyte volume.


Oxygen Sensors

RoHS compliant 3 electrode sensors for multiannual operation.


Electronic for Electrochemical Sensors


PCBs with potentiostat and 4 – 20 mA transmitter. The standard in process control industry: The 4-20 mA loop.

Available for all sensor housings.

Calibrated Transmitters

Transmitter board equipped with a gas sensor can be calibrated on request. Available for all sensor housings.

Calibrated Modules

A Slim or Standard Sensor with transmitter board and gas cap, calibrated for a desired measurement range.

Available only for Slim and Standard sensor housings.


Digital Universal Electronics for Smart Sensing. For 4- and 3-Electrode Sensors. Communication with MODBUS RTU protocol using RS-485 interface.

Applicable with Compact and Prime sensor housings.

Customer-Specific Solutions

MEMBRAPOR develops and produces customer-specific sensors for OEMs and provides consultancy in the large field of gas measuring.