New hydrogen-compensated CO sensor in 5-series format

MEMBRAPOR is now releasing the Vantage series, which has the same dimensions as the 5-series.

The new housing is a result of the finest engineering and more than 25 years of experience. The sensor resists harsh conditions, like high humidities and temperatures up to 60 °C.

Vantage Gas Sensors

As the first sensor in the Vantage housing a CO sensor for flue gas / stack gas analysis is released. It is a H2-compensated 4-electrode sensor with almost no sensitivity to CO on the auxiliary electrode. Furthermore, its temperature dependence could be kept flat. This all results in very accurate ppm readings.

While a CO sensor can be used for three or more years, the filter itself has a limited capacity. Once used up, nitric gases like NO2 could pass through and would lead to a false negative signal. This could have dire consequences since the resulting ppm reading would be far too low in respect to the present concentration of carbon monoxide. In many applications a filter has a lifetime of about 2 years, which is effectively the limit in critical measurement applications. Replacing the filter of the CO/VF-2000-4E can easily double the lifetime.

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