Highly selective measurement of Ethylene with new Sensor

MEMBRAPOR is happy to announce the introduction of a new, highly selective Ethylene (C2H4) sensor. This improved Ethylene sensor reduces the effect of interfering gases such as carbon monoxide (CO) and alcohols which is for example crucial in fruit ripening processes. Both gases result in false C2H4 readings and would require additional sensor units to correct for it. The diagram shows the improved selectivity of the A-type compared to the conventional C2H4/C-10 sensor when exposed to 100 ppm of carbon monoxide. It can be seen that there is a significant reduction of the cross-sensitivity, which is about 4 times lower than before. The new C2H4/CA-10 makes possible a reliable monitoring of ethylene. Together with the highly sensitive CO sensor from Membrapor, the CO/CF-200, you protect plants and human beings in the greenhouse.