Electronics MembraSens 4.0


MEMBRAPOR introduces: The universal electronics for electrochemical sensors. It has never been so easy.

MembraSens 4.0 includes all the features that anyone could wish for, to introduce gas sensors easily and efficiently into an instrument. Its powerful software opens broad possibilities. 

The system offers various calculation options to determine gas concentrations, to compensate interferences and to counterbalance temperature influences. Calibration can be done easily and in the preferred way. Different sensor types can be used: 4-electrode and 3-electrode sensors, for reducing or oxidizing gases, with or without bias voltage and that all together with up to 4 sensors.

To operate MembraSens 4.0 a supply voltage of 4 volt is sufficient. The communication is carried out with the Modbus RTU protocol via an RS 485 interface.

With this innovation of MEMBRAPOR you are ready for industry 4.0.

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