Company history

The laboratory, which would become the Membrapor AG, was founded in Zurich in 1995 and immediately succeeded in developing complex catalytic gas diffusion electrodes of high reproducibility, which are the centerpiece of electrochemical gas sensors.

Mid-1990s a heavy consolidation within the gas sensor market led to the loss of independent sensor suppliers. This development caused discontent among the manufacturers of gas sensing equipment. During that period MEMBRAPOR succeeded in patenting novel gas sensors which proved to be the breakthrough of the still young company.

Already at the beginning of this century gas sensors of the Swiss company were dominant in several applications. In 2003 the production capacity was expanded with a second site. The product range was broadened with additional housing sizes, new measurement ranges and the first 4-electrode sensors.

Due to the continuous growth the capacity limits of the old production site were reached in 2009 and the whole company moved to a larger site in the adjacent Wallisellen. Thanks to constant research efforts new application fields were developed and new global markets were accessed.

In the year 2012 already over 200 distinct gas sensors were available and allowed the detection of 20 different gases. MEMBRAPOR’s gas sensors are used on all continents, in environmental monitoring, personal safety, industrial process control, air quality monitoring or medical applications.