New Sensor for Alcohol

MEMBRAPOR is proud to present the newest addition to its product range. The Alc/M-200 is designed to detect methanol and/or ethanol in the range of 0 to 200 ppm. Please contact our sales department for samples and more information.

Continued Growth

MEMBRAPOR is continuously growing and has expanded its production site in Wallisellen. The increased capacity allows MEMBRAPOR to further improve and optimize its production of high-quality electrochemical gas sensors.


The product range of MEMBRAPOR has exceeded 200 types of gas sensors for challenging requirements. Now, 20 different gases can be measured in various applications.

Oxygen Sensor

An electrochemical sensor for Oxygen was successfully developed. It exhibits exceptional characteristics: RoHS compliant (lead-free), long-lived and has a high resolution even below 2% O2.


The product range of electrochemical sensors was exceeded with H2O2-Sensors, e.g. to monitor sterilization processes with Hydrogen Peroxide, and with ETO-Sensors for the measurement of Ethylene Oxide in the lower ppm-range. Hence, there are now selective sensors available for 18…

MEMBRAPOR grows and moves

Our company exhibits a continuous growth for several years. The facility we obtained 6 years ago was already to small. With the acquisition of a new property we have a twice as large area available to fulfil the requirements of…